Our Science

Quality AND Quantity

It’s not just about the best ingredients, it’s also about using clinically effective levels of nutrients to create optimal health.

Our team of equine veterinarians and PhD equine nutritionists take decades of research and practice to create formulas that are scientifically proven and trusted to ensure equine athletes have optimal health to perform on the ranch and in the arena.

Our Process

How We Formulate

Clinical Equine Nutrition Review.

Based on our equine veterinary practices and what we see in the industry, our team reviews and combs through the most current peer-reviewed equine nutrition research to determine what ingredients and compounds are causing a desired effect.

Specific Ingredient Investigation.

As we sift through data and rely on our experience as practicing veterinarians, we note the level of nutrient required to produce a certain effect and the magnitude of that effect. 

We hand select ingredients for our equine supplements that cause the maximal difference, versus using trends that end up draining the bank account.

Effective Nutrient Concentrations.

Once we have selected the ingredients that have been proven to make a difference across multiple studies and populations of horses, we select at which concentration and form they will cause a beneficial effect. We choose complementary ingredients that are highly bioavailable, or usable, by the horse’s body.

Palatability Tests.

Once we have formulated our supplements, we ensure that horses love them! These supplements have all been taste-tested and approved.

Horse Health Improves.

We spend time on our research and formulation process so that your horse feels the difference. You can expect more comfort for your equine athlete's joints, improved digestion and gut health, overall increased wellbeing, improved hydration status, and more.